Mixing up your Melanotan Belarus

Administrate Melanotan Vial

The products we supply as powders and are vacuum packed in small glass vials.

  • Store in a cool place like a fridge and keep out of direct sunlight. 
  • Once mixed store the melanotan solution vial in the fridge ready for the next injection.
  • Mixing the Melanotan 1 and Mt2 vials with bacteriostatic or sterile water prior to injection.

To mix, add 2.5ml bacteiostic or sterile water into a needle syringe. Inject this warter into the vial. Leave for 2 minutes. Now slowely roste te vial in yoru hands, DO NOT shake the vial as this will spoil the peptide. Once the powder is completely dissolved in the vial, it is now ready for use.

If injections are not for you then check out our handy nasal sprays in our store.

Melanotan Nasal Spray Belarus

  • 15ml contains 10mg Melanotan 2 Peptide
  • 25ml contains 25mg Melanotan 2 Peptide

How to take: Take about 3 sprays a day until bottle is complete. Increase or decrease the usade as you personally require.

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DISCLAIMER: As a customer, you need to validate that you’re a certified and professional health care professional over the age of 21 years of ages. At Melanotan.Eu we DO NOT permit or intend making use of peptides as a kind of medicines, artificial additive, household usage or for human, animal or any other kind of ingestion. We provide peptides just for research study objectives to qualified specialists.